Cosmetic ear surgery

Ears which protrude can be embarrassing at any age, which is why it is one of the most confidence boosting procedures offered. Torn and stretched earlobes can also be corrected with surgery.  Otoplasty is commonly performed on children and adults who are troubled by protruding ears which lack the folds and contours of ears that are closer to the side of the head.

What are my options for ear surgery?

Mrs Harper-Machin would discuss with you the best approach to address the specific issues with your ears or the ears of your children. Correction of prominent ears is usually performed under general anaesthetic (asleep) in children, and local anaesthetic (awake) in adults.

Depending on the abnormality, several surgical techniques are available - the cartilage of the ear can be scored and re-shaped to allow it to bend in towards the side of the head or a series of non-dissolving stitches to fold and hold the cartilage into its new position and shape.

Earlobe repair usually requires removal of the damaged part of the ear and careful stitching to restore the normal contours of the earlobe.  Once healed the lobe can be re-pierced if desired.

What should I expect after surgery?

Following your operation you will have a large padded bandage placed around the head and ears to protect them for one week.  After this bandage is removed you will be expected to wear an elasticated headband at all times for a further one week, then at night only for a further one week.  This helps support the shape of the new ears while they heal.